Sunday, April 13, 2008


Plz post a comment I would really like to see what you think about my blog. And try to guess what my favorite....
color, food, drink, place, boy (friend), flower, pattern, movie, subject at school is. Then I will post who got the most right. Plz!♥


Miranda Budge said...

Cas, add me to your friends!!!!


cassi said...

I already know all of my favorite stuff:)
♥/me (a.k.a. cassi)

Supernatural said...

Random Comment!! Hooray!!

cassi said...

This is Chloe on cassi's thing
duh!supernaturals right.random coment.

Brooke said...

I love your blog!!! I want to make a blog but I don't want to do it at this moment i might do it later!! HAHA!!!!

allie said...

hey cassi its allie i luv ur blog it is so cute i have a blog too buut I have not downloaded anything yet see ya later

Sherri said...

Your favorite boy is Taylor
(this week)
fav food is anything with sugar
fav color is blue
fav holiday is St Patricks
fav movie is Hairspray
fav place is Disneyland
You like to take pics and sew stuff
like listening to music too

Be good and I'll help you make a playlist!
Love Mom

Marchants said...

Cassi! Good to see you on here. We look forward to reading more of your posts :)

Matalyn On Stage 24/7 said...

u r soooooooo cute luv ya!!!!!!

taylor said...

cassi is so awesomely hott!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

fav. color = green
fav. food = pasta
fav. drink = dr. peper
fav. place = disney land
fav. boy = tayor and david
fav. flower = daisy
fav. pattern = dots
fav. movie = i am legond
fav. subject at school = recess or social studies