Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dumpster diving

Today was one of the most FUN day's of my entire life!!!!!!!! We were at school in the lunchroom. After we ate our lunch, we headed outside. Then my friend Maddi Brown, relized that she had thrown away her 550 dollar retainer. We panicked. We ran to the aids and explained to them what happend. So we went and called Maddi's mom. She freaked out and told Maddi she better find it or else...... So while Maddi was in tears I dove into the dumpster filled with leftover lunch. It had, soggy bread, sour milk, juice boxes, ketchup, and a ton of other crap. I tore the bags open, and reached my arms into the leftover spoiled garbage. It felt soo cool and gushy. My friends Maddi Brown and Madi murdock were waaaaay to scared to get in. For an hour and 45 minutes, I dug through trash. I dug through 42 garbage bags, and 2 huge dumpsters top to bottom. Then Madi M. wanted to try so she jumped in with me. She touched on old milk carton and started having gag reflexes. I told her she should get out, but she just sat there. In the dumpster I was triple checking all of the bags. Finally, in one of the bags, I found the retainer!!!!Ü She started cheering and I hopped out of the dumpster. We went and called her mom, and she was relieved. Maddi B. said she would get something really big. I looked down at my arms in astonishment! They were filthy! Then I looked at the rest of me and relized that my clothes and the rest of my body was covered in kingergarten-6th grade leftover lunch. It didn't gross me out at all. Ask Maddi and Madi. Trust me, they will let you know. Then Maddi held the phone to my ear and dialed the number. I told my mom what had happened, and she came and checked me out from school. And a few minutes ago, I just finished showering. I feel all clean now.

P.S. Mads, you really don't need to get me anything. It's what a freind does!Ü☺☻☻☺Ü


Anonymous said...

k cassi is soooooooo right!!!!!!!! i didnt have the guts to jump in there and help. i wish that i did though. i feal sooooooooooo bad. and yes i do need to get u a REALLY BIG preaent cassi.

cassi said...

It's okay that you didn't jump in
i understand why you didn't

Miranda Budge said...

ya nice job Cassi!! That is why i ♥ U sooo much! U will do practically anything to help a friend. Ü

Anonymous said...

i totaly agree with panda!!!!!! u would do anything for a friend!!!!! thats why i ♥ u soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!

Kenna said...

Cassi you are SOOOO nice to anyone. :) You are a great friend!!!!


cassi said...

thnx :) Ü

cassi said...

Just so you all know, Mads got me a 25 dollar giftcard to target, and she is taking me to Capelle's the hair salon!!! ♥ you all!

Kenna said...



Matalyn On Stage 24/7 said...

cassi is the most amzing person evver!!! she is a grat, cutte, and fun reliable friend anyone can count on!!!!!!
luv ya cas

cassi said...

Thnx and ♥ ya to Ü