Thursday, November 6, 2008


School has been great I am loving it but a lot of my classes are boring. My schedule is...

A-day B-day

Orchestra Keyboarding
Advisory Advisory
Pre-algebra English
Science Utah History

And some exciting news is...
In school I was put into the Advanced art class,
I got straight A's first term and I have straight A's now,
I like the song disterbia,
I just feel like saying this but, I watched Kit Kittridge last night and it wasn't that bad,
And I would love it if you guys would comment more I know I haven't been doing my blog lately I am just so busy.

Luv Your Guts,




Anonymous said...

I saw kit kittridge when it was still in the movies and I have to agree it wasn't that bad. It kinda threw me off in the middle though. Did it throw you off too?

C*ssi said...

Oh ya and it was sorta weirdo

Anonymous said...

you guys are going insane why don't you guys just send each other emails about this stuff instead of a blog because it is just like emailing someone

Ashley and the Fam said...

I know I LOVE Disturbia!!! do you like af?

Kenna said...

Hi mads! I miss u.
luv ya,

C*ssi said...

i ♥ af